Bed & Landscape Terre d' Acqua


Via Dionisotti 27 , Vercelli

Tel: 3898978896 - 3889537532 - 0161-700085

E-mail: terredacqua.vc@gmail.com


Welcome to B & L "Terre d'acqua". This comfy structure, you can give the opportunity to discover the unexpected beauty of our city. Vercelli will surprise you with its romantic corners, its green groomed and nicely distributed and abundance of its artistic monuments, as well as its gastronomy frank and vigorous as that of all the cities of Piedmont with the addition of the enormous richness and variety of His dishes based on rice. The rice is in fact for centuries the precious fruit of his campaigns. The B & L "Terre d'acqua" is located in a building in the city center, a short walk from the station and the central Piazza Cavour. You can easily walk to all the main artistic attractions of the city. You will also be within walking distance from the best restaurants and cafes in the evening and if you are too tired to walk around, you can admire from your windows and your balconies unparalleled sunset on rooftops and towers of the city with the circle of the Alps on the horizon. Your B & L offers all the amenities, a reception always attentive and caring and to deal with the right energy your stay.

Vercelli finally has always been an important crossroads since Roman times and is the tenth leg of the route of the Italian Via Francigena and we are pleased to welcome pilgrims who want to stop for a night.